The Solimara Difference

Solimara has created unique Truly Natural SPF30 sun protection products with the modern day consumer in mind. Inspired by glorious Northland beaches and the breath taking beauty of the Southern Alpine regions we have composed two distinctive fragrances. Parfumeur Créateur Yves André Dombrowsky has harnessed our vision and dedication in composing “Golden Sands” and White Marine” truly unique to Solimara.

Golden Sands

A celebration of the summer sun.

White Marine

A refreshing and luxurious marine signature.

Solimara Truly Natural SPF30 Sunscreen is packed with natural ingredients like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Sweet Almond Oil to help protect and moisturize your skin. Perfect for everything from hiking and biking to swimming and surfing, our SPF30 sunscreen is made for rugged outdoor use. So get out there and enjoy the sun with this environmentally conscious and powerful sunscreen!

Solimara SPF30 is made in New Zealand and is…..

suitable for your face and body
suitable for the whole family
safe for toddlers and children
2 hr water resistant
coral reef safe
not tested on animals

Solimara SPF30 is also much better for the environment. Many traditional sunscreens contain cinnamates, benzophenones and camphor derivatives – all of which are considered responsible for damaging coral reefs (University research indicates that upwards of 4,000 tonnes of sun screen products are washed onto coral reefs around the world every year and are contributing to coral bleaching). Solimara founders, Rosalind Berben and Edith Zeltwanger say; “We simply won’t use these harmful ingredients.”